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A 3-Day Journey to Freedom, Peace and Happiness

The 3-Letters Process is one of many amazingly effective tools that The Tipping Method provides to help you resolve any outstanding forgiveness issues.

This process was originally referenced in Colin Tipping’s book Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle and its success was so prolific that he created this online version to allow access for anyone.

The fully interactive online modular course explains the process of Radical Forgiveness and the tool mimics the same exercises as the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet. It involves writing three letters, from different viewpoints to the person you feel has wronged or hurt you in some way. You don’t send the letters but write them as if you were going to. The course not only guides you very carefully through writing three letters, but also includes LIVE interaction with a Radical Living Coach who listens to you read them and gives you support. The coach does not teach, but checks to see how you feel and provides encouragement and empathy. (There is enormous value in this LIVE interaction and it is included in the price.)

The very act of writing your victim letter, either in longhand or digitally, is extremely healing, especially if once you have written it, you read it to someone (apart from the coach) who is willing to listen with full attention and awareness of how this process works. Something even more amazing happens when you write the second and third letters and read those to the same person. The shift is always profound.

10 Modules
The program consists of 10 modules with videos, audios, and transcripts, and provides examples of all three letters so you can get the feel of how to write them to get the best results.

Dis-solves the Problem in 3 Days
As the title implies, it is a process that in just three days will completely dissolve any problem of an emotional nature you might have and will leave you feeling peaceful, happier and free from feeling like a victim.


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