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Do you have experience in coaching or counselling?
Perhaps you want to broaden your skillset?
Or are you keen to help and coach others, but don’t have specific training?

Our courses are based on the principles of the IIRFL and teach coaches the skills they need to assist with Radical Forgiveness, grieving, acceptance, and a positive mindset. The International Institute for Radical Forgiveness & Leadership is always looking to grow our coaching community. Radical Forgiveness coaches all around the world use their knowledge and expertise to guide and empower people through our specific programmes and courses.

Our principal 90-day, online Radical Forgiveness Coach Training Course (Level 1) teaches you how to use the tools of Radical Forgiveness and Radical Self-Empowerment to create more happiness, peace and joy, and qualifies you to coach others in the process. Once you have studied our initial Coaching Course, you can continue developing your skills, through taking our Radical Living Master Coach Training Course (Level 2).

We also offer extra modules, to extend your skills in specific areas. These can be studied individually, whenever you choose.

Select the coaching course that you would like to learn more about from the items below:

Radical Forgiveness Coach Training

Who The Bleep Am I? And Where The Bleep Am I Going?

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Chakra Clearing Coach

Radical Grieving Coach Training

Ceremony In a Box

Radical Living Master Coach Training

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