Chakra Clearing Coach

The Chakra Clearing process is one of several special methods that Colin Tipping developed to help people come to a place of peace and acceptance through the application of Radical Forgiveness. It can be done in a professional setting, with or without physical touch, and while the client remains fully clothed.

With this Chakra Clearing method, the certified Radical Living coach can dissolve other people’s negative energetic patterns that may appear in each of the seven chakras. Massage therapists, Reiki practitioners and other energy workers, nurses, psychotherapists, body-workers, healers and life coaches find this process to be especially beneficial.

The process takes about two hours to completely clear energetic toxins from all the chakras. It includes a scripted dialogue between you – the coach – and your client, plus the use of a tuning fork, stones, and oils to activate and balance each chakra.

Having helped your clients through the transformational process and by releasing these negative energies, you will have given them a profound Radical Forgiveness experience. Your client will leave feeling totally balanced and rejuvenated.

For this Online Study Course, you’ll receive:

1 Radical Forgiveness book (ebook)
1 Student Manual (PDF)
1 training session recorded by Colin Tipping (Video)
1 Chakra Balancing Audio (recording)
1 Practitioners’ Guide (PDF)