The purpose of this message is to bring you closer to our activities and invite you to be part of our process, while we build the next generation of the Radical Forgiveness organisation.

We at the International Institute for Radical Forgiveness & Leadership (IIRFL) are so proud of our legacy and our substantial history of delivering this work in various forms across the globe. This incredible work has been tried, tested, and utilised by tens of thousands of people over the last 25 years. These individuals have either bought our programmes, been on our live trainings, read our books or joined our community. We have bases in 51 countries with our work being translated into seven languages.

This bares testimony to both the effectiveness of the quality of the methodology that is embodied in the Radical Forgiveness programmes. The work has enabled people from all walks of life and across all belief systems to embrace this approach of self-development, self-healing and forgiveness.

The Radical Forgiveness tools have continued to support and empower people enabling them to do the work whenever they have the need to do so, living a life of peace, love and acceptance. We honour Colin Tipping and his wife JoAnn for their deep belief and love for the work as well as the quality of creativity that has built the foundation and platform over the last quarter of a century.

Our new website is close to launching and you will all be able to view it in the next two weeks. Our Marketing and Communications Manager has been working hard over the last while with the support of our team to create a form of communication which we believe will be interactive, bring clarity to our community and contribute to our continued success.

We decided to move to a new website for a range of reasons, most of which are based on the technical stability of our backend software. The old software was no longer able to support the frontend system and we needed to invest in a new system in order to provide our clients and our community with a more modern and user-friendly interface. Read more about this here.

Please look out for our next communication announcing our new website release coming soon! We would love to hear your feedback.


We at the International Institute would like to welcome 2021 into our lives with all the perfection we know it will present. Radical Forgiveness has taught us that all that enters our lives happens ‘for us’ and not ‘to us‘. By embracing this concept, we can negotiate with the victim energy that we all possess. That negotiation happens through the usage of the brilliant tools that Colin Tipping has developed over a period of 25 years. Colin would often say “Do the work”, this work is the utilization of the tools that help shift both the injured place that we find ourselves in from time to time as well as raising our level of consciousness.

The beautiful experience of moving from that difficult place to the incredible place of self-empowerment, self-determination as well as enabling ourselves to feel that we are in fact in control of our lives for that moment in time is exceedingly grounding.

Of course, there will always be the re-occurrence of difficult and challenging things in our lives that will knock us off our centre, this is our spiritual journey through this lifetime. Through the Radical Forgiveness toolkit we have an amazing way to re-centre ourselves, regain perspective and lift our level of consciousness for ourselves and all those around us.

We are undoubtedly faced with a period of time, perhaps unprecedented, where our lives and all those we love are at risk by merely having normal human interaction. No single aspect of our lives has been untouched by last years’ global pandemic. I myself have lost some life-long friends in this pandemic and this motivates me all the more to bring a message that we all can carry, which is a message of extreme hope. Radical Forgiveness provides an incredible opportunity to heal, to connect with self and others, and to manifest amazing things in our lives. Globally, we have probably never faced the scale of shutdown on our civil liberty, as we are facing now. Should there ever be a time to feel injured, attacked, subjected to hardship, or in the victim consciousness in a multitude of ways, it is now.

Never has there been a more important time for us to embrace the work of Radical Forgiveness and let go of the injuries with parents, siblings, spouses, and anyone who has hurt us in some way. I say this because we see in front of us at this time how fragile our lives really are. We have the choice to change our perspective by embracing a different mindset.

Our futures are as bright as we are prepared to make them by “doing the work”. Radical Forgiveness is a movement for higher consciousness, a movement for change, and its work embraces humanity at its very core. We are a movement whose very roots embrace love, connection, healing, and forgiveness. Without these elements, humanity will definitely be the lesser. Have you ever felt alone, sad, hurt, or overwhelmed by life? Perhaps angry to the point of despair? Do you know at the deepest part of yourself, forgiveness may play a major role in being the solution? yet you’re not quite sure how to get there.

I invite you to give yourself, your family, and friends a life-long gift by pointing them in the direction of Colin Tipping’s amazing work. This work has been of incredible service to tens of thousands of people around the world for many decades and is more relevant now than ever before.

“Look at it from a spiritual standpoint, our discomfort in any given situation provides a signal that we are out of alignment with spiritual law and are being given an opportunity to heal something.” Colin Tipping

Beautiful History – New Beginnings

Colin Tipping’s amazing work, teachings, insights and methods are beautifully in motion in the new International Institute for Radical Forgiveness and Leadership (IIRFL). We have been hard at work for many months re-establishing, re-integrating, and organising our institute, programmes, technology, and Radical Forgiveness team.

We are excited to begin sharing with you more deeply, our present and our future. Today is just to say ‘watch this space, exciting things are coming!’


Colin Tipping’s Birthday Tribute

Today, 30th of September, The Radical Forgiveness Team would like to pay tribute to the memory of Colin Tipping on his birthday. Colin, the Author, the creator and developer of Radical Forgiveness together with his loving wife, JoAnn Tipping will forever be remembered with the deepest love, gratitude and respect. 

The International Institute for Radical Forgiveness & Leadership (IIRFL) are also proud to announce the soft launch of the IIRFL Africa Affiliate, which will be celebrated annually on this day, 30th of September. We feel Colin would be so joyful to know that the Africa Affiliate of the mothership has been launched on his birthday.

We will share much more with you all on the IIRFL Africa Affiliate in the months ahead and hope you will continue on this very exciting journey with us.

The Invitation

Our global head of the International Institute for Radical Forgiveness offers you all a warm invitation to join us as we build on the legacy of our incredible work to reach all communities, societies and organisations with a message of Global Forgiveness, reconciliation and bridge building.

We seek through our Forgiveness work to contribute to raising consciousness globally by creating a movement for change through personal development, internal growth, healing, and leadership of self.

We encourage you to check out some of our programmes which will assist you in your personal journey

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