Beautiful History – New Beginnings

Colin Tipping’s amazing work, teachings, insights and methods are beautifully in motion in the new International Institute for Radical Forgiveness and Leadership (IIRFL). We have been hard at work for many months re-establishing, re-integrating, and organising our institute, programmes, technology, and Radical Forgiveness team.

We are excited to begin sharing with you more deeply, our present and our future. Today is just to say ‘watch this space, exciting things are coming!’


Colin Tipping’s Birthday Tribute

Today, 30th of September, The Radical Forgiveness Team would like to pay tribute to the memory of Colin Tipping on his birthday. Colin, the Author, the creator and developer of Radical Forgiveness together with his loving wife, JoAnn Tipping will forever be remembered with the deepest love, gratitude and respect. 

The International Institute for Radical Forgiveness & Leadership (IIRFL) are also proud to announce the soft launch of the IIRFL Africa Affiliate, which will be celebrated annually on this day, 30th of September. We feel Colin would be so joyful to know that the Africa Affiliate of the mothership has been launched on his birthday.

We will share much more with you all on the IIRFL Africa Affiliate in the months ahead and hope you will continue on this very exciting journey with us.

The Invitation

Our global head of the International Institute for Radical Forgiveness offers you all a warm invitation to join us as we build on the legacy of our incredible work to reach all communities, societies and organisations with a message of Global Forgiveness, reconciliation and bridge building.

We seek through our Forgiveness work to contribute to raising consciousness globally by creating a movement for change through personal development, internal growth, healing, and leadership of self.

We encourage you to check out some of our programmes which will assist you in your personal journey

The International Institute for Radical Forgiveness & Leadership

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