Expanding into Love


A Handbook for Awakening to Who You Are, Raising Your Vibration and Creating Enlightened Relationships

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Want more ease and grace in your relationships?

Expanding into Love Opens the Way to Meaning and Fulfillment

Don’t you wonder sometimes why relationships cause us so much pain and suffering? Is it really any surprise that people often pull back and wonder “Why bother?”

The answer lies not in pulling back, but Expanding into Love. By giving you a new context for interpreting how your life is unfolding and how the dance of relationship really works, this book will lift your vibration and inspire you to embrace a ‘radically’ new life.

Not just a book…

Expanding into Love is not just another self-help book. With your purchase comes a whole host of multi-media resources to expand your reading experience:

    • Guided worksheets
    • Questionnaires to explore your deepest issues and feelings
    • Exercises for healing past hurts
    • Embedded QR codes will also lead you directly to audios, videos, and even more content available on the book’s companion website

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Expanding into Love is not just a book, it’s a multi-sensory experience designed to support you as you walk the talk of expansion.

A preview of Expanding into Love

“The notion we are exploring in this book is that love leads to expansion while everything unlike love (fear, anger, hate, resentment, control, greed and other such energies) prevents it and leads to a contraction of consciousness. It follows from that, therefore, that we should always choose the path of love… To do otherwise, surely, would have us remain stuck in a low vibration and failing to grow and evolve.

“The fact is there are times when the path of Love is not always what our soul’s growth demands. In the same way that we first need to know darkness in order to experience light, it is necessary for us all to become exposed to the pain of much that is unlike Love in order to learn what Love is and to fully experience Love.”
Introduction, Expanding into Love

It’s up to you… We are in a time of change, expansion and awakening. Could it be that we, as a species, are realizing who we are and why we are here? Be part of the Oneness that dispels the myth of separation by Expanding into Love.

P.S. If you are already familiar with Colin’s work and are wondering what’s new here, here’s the scoop: Expanding into Love weaves together his strategies and vision, old and new, into a complete handbook for Radical Living, which is perfect for our times.

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