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The Radical Forgiveness Healing Ceremony 

The Radical Forgiveness Healing Ceremony is one of the most engaging and successful events that Colin Tipping created, as way for people to forgive themselves and everyone else they feel the need to forgive, in less than three hours. As a result, they find a profound sense of peace. It has literally changed thousands of peoples’ lives all around the world.

This program provides everything a person with the minimum of training would need to be able to present the ceremony perfectly well, and by so doing, make it more widely available. Through video presentations, audio recordings and a 46-page manual, you can learn how to perform these ceremonies. 

It includes:

  1. A 46-page manual giving you all the information you need to know to carry out the role of the Radical Forgiveness Ceremony Leader, plus the scripts of the audio of the three parts of the ceremony, the scripts of the Introductory video and the Backend Wrap
  2. A 20-minute Presentation by Colin Tipping —Introduction to Radical Forgiveness and the ‘Satori’ Radical Forgiveness Ceremony, to be played at the beginning of the session to ensure that everyone understands the basics of Radical Forgiveness before going on to do the
  3. A 4-minute Video by Colin Tipping, to be played after the ceremony is over in order to provide an ending for the entire
  4. An Introductory Video — This is a recording of a ceremony Colin and his wife, JoAnn, did in Houston some years ago that will help you model each [You will also have the audios of each part of the ceremony.] The long lecture introduction is left off the video since you won’t have to do this— Colin does it for you on the video, but you will see all the parts done, including the back-end lecture. Note: This video is only for your instruction and shall not be shown to the public.
  5. The Audio Tracks are provided for you to listen to as often as you like, to get the feel for how the ceremony flows


It works beautifully in communities and churches to gracefully help people find their way to forgiveness. As the ceremony leader, you’ll guide people to forgive themselves and anyone else in their lives in a safe, non-threatening and healing environment. It is a life-changing experience! People leave with tears of joy and smiling faces. Will you be leading one of them?