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Radical Grieving Coaching Training

The Radical Grieving Coaching Training Program builds on the Radical Grieving course, to enable you to offer support and guidance to people who have lost a loved one.

It is unlike the other Coaching Training Programs because grief takes different length of time for each individual and cannot be prescribed, so it will be your responsibility will be to ascertain where they are in their grieving process. You will then need to support them gently, using alternative coaching skills to the ones you might use for other clients. The other key difference here is that we cannot heal their pain from the death of a loved one – only time can heal that – so you will learn how to coach the grieving through their suffering instead, to enable them to release that.

Through an in-depth video with Colin Tipping, you’ll learn how to utilize Radical Forgiveness as a way to guide others through their loss. By completing the Radical Grieving Course, with Colin’s guidance on how to share the methods and exercises from a coaching perspective, you’ll gain an understanding of the grieving aspects through which you can guide your clients during your sessions.

The program includes 16 Modules, incorporating worksheets, self-reflective quizzes and exercises and an hour long video presentation. You’ll learn the skills and discover tools to enable you to guide and support clients to release their suffering, and to find more peace around their loss.