Radical Grieving

Grief can feel like it lasts forever. It doesn’t have to.

The pain and loss we feel when we lose someone that we love are tremendous and can be overwhelming. Yet the suffering associated with that grief — that quietly never seems to end — comes from the workings of the mind. And we can change that.

The Radical Grieving online program will help you shift your perceptions of your loss and heal many feelings that keep you trapped, so that you can lighten your heart once again.

It’s no surprise that healing grief will involve some forgiving…

This programme uses Radical Forgiveness as its foundation, as a platform to help you unwind yourself from the grief and begin to see the blessings inside the events. Since the program is conducted online, you’ll be able to work on it at your own pace or revisit sections that really touched you.

I have been able to experience the process of total forgiveness and gratitude more than I have ever experienced.

Frani Gains, Denver CO

Release the suffering that tags along with your grief

The Radical Grieving online program helps you to release the feelings of suffering associated with your grief. You’ll learn to let go of the other emotions, like anger, resentment, bitterness and self-recrimination. And you’ll discover how to associate a sense of new peace to associate with any remaining sadness.

The Radical Grieving online program syllabus includes:

  • Safety Valves
  • Assumptions of Radical Forgiveness
  • Radical Forgiveness in Practice
  • The Radical Grieving Assumptions
  • Radical Grieving in Practice
  • The 13 Steps to Radical Grieving
  • The 13 Steps to Radical Forgiveness

Unburden yourself from your grief today!