Radical Manifestation

A Warm Welcome To This Programme

by Colin Tipping

The Need

In these distressing, recessionary times when so many are losing income, jobs and even homes, there has never been a better time to learn how to use this proven spiritual technology to create what you need. Using the technology of Radical Manifestation could make all the difference. It could even be a matter of survival.

OK, so you may be skeptical about the Law of Attraction, but let’s be blunt here. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to try anything that might secure your lifestyle when everyone else is losing theirs? What have you got to lose?


The Online Radical Manifestation Programme

This online course will equip you with all the tools to attract the very things you need, whether it be the perfect job, more money or even a loving relationship. You won’t find tools like this anywhere else. They are unique, easy to use and effective.


Why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work

The principle behind the Law of Attraction is that whatever you put out in thought or intention comes returns to you. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, most of us do it without awareness, so we think life happens by accident. Wrong!

Add to this the fact that the thoughts that create our reality originate mostly from our subconscious minds. Our subconscious thoughts are much more powerful than those originating in the conscious mind, and are usually more negative, so they create limitations.

The powerful negativity outdoes the positivity and — without guidance — they win every battle, every time.

The online Radical Manifestation programme overcomes this problem by enabling you to bypass the subconscious mind altogether and, instead, use your Spiritual Intelligence. (That’s the part of you that knows the truth of who you are and is directly connected to Universal Intelligence).

Our Spiritual Intelligence employs the fine, subtle energy that emanates from the Spirit to create our desires. Our subconscious mind cannot detect these subtle energies, so it isn’t aware of the change that is happening. That means using your Spiritual Intelligence circumvents the barriers to you having what you want, and the gates to your abundance stay open.


So what do you want to create?

Whether it’s a new relationship, a job, a different career, a salary increase, a new car, a holiday, or even more far-reaching goals, this course will teach you the skills to give you the means to create it.

With this programme you will learn how to discover your purpose, create a vision for your life, and how to set goals and intentions properly so that your Spiritual Intelligence can act on them.

You will have unlimited free use of all the online tools included in the programme for life.

We suggest it be completed in six months, by which time you could have manifested so much abundance in your life. What could be better?


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“Colin Tipping¹s new Online Radical Manifestation programme delivers on so many different levels it’s truly a joy to explore each module. The technology is deceptively simple, but the effects are magical and life changing. And it just gets better and better. It’s both exciting and liberating to view the world from an entirely different perspective and embark on a whole new way of living. This programme will turn your current world upside down and shake up old beliefs and assumptions, but a bit of discomfort is a spit in the ocean in exchange for the ability to create a life with what you consciously choose to manifest. Dreams of a life with more purpose, improved relationships, better health and so on were just that – a list of dreams. But this programme for sure isn’t. It’s for real and I, for one, am up for more.”

Roberta Leigh

San Francisco