Radical Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance

In our Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance program, based on Colin Tipping’s revolutionary Radical Forgiveness process, you’ll be able to release self-criticism, guilt, shame and anger towards yourself, to find peace with who you are.

So many of us harbor self-criticism, guilt, and anger towards ourselves and don’t know why. Many others do know why, but they have no idea how to forgive themselves, much less forgive others.

When you forgive yourself, your whole world changes.

Thousands of people around the world have found a new level of peace and acceptance — even love! — within themselves by doing this program.


  • Release the anger, hurt, and resentment that keeps you feeling stuck
  • Forgive yourself for any imperfections or behaviors
  • Learn to accept yourself as you are
  • Create and build a more harmonious life

Using Radical Forgiveness methods, you don’t have to manage your thoughts or whitewash your feelings. No self-discipline or self-control is required. In fact, you’ll find more ease just being you — more than you’ve ever had before. The gentle process of Radical Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance guides you every step of the way. As you do the program, you’ll find your heart lighten and certain problems naturally resolve themselves.

I feel much, much better about myself. I am finally at peace with me. I see that everything was meant to be in order to get to my awakening and I am very grateful for that.
Monica Guerrero, Lima, Peru

Experience a RADICAL change in how you feel about yourself

​Our Self-Forgiveness/Self-Acceptance online program is packed with helpful tools and techniques, that will enable you to experience a RADICAL change in how you feel about yourself. Each of the two parts of the program, which can be studied in the order that you choose, contains six and eight modules, respectively, plus twelve quizzes, that cover topics including:

  • The Anatomy of Guilt

  • The Radical Self-Forgiveness Worksheet
  • Defining and Changing Negative Beliefs

  • The Radical Self-Acceptance Worksheet

  • Dealing with Secrets

The program also offers two bonus features: a comparative Story of Self-Forgiveness and a Breathwork exercise

By following the step-by-step forgiveness process, completing the practical exercises and answering the quiz questions honestly and openly, you’ll gain:

  • a new paradigm for forgiving yourself
  • practical methodology and tools in the form of worksheets, lessons and videos
  • guidance on how to turn resistance into acceptance
  • a comprehension of the states of mind you go through when facing anger and resistance
  • the wisdom to handle challenging situations
  • processes to release limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in your old perspectives that can be used as and when
  • renewed self-confidence and self-esteem after releasing your pain or guilt

Are you better at forgiving others than forgiving yourself?
Isn’t it time to be kinder to yourself and give yourself that gift?

In just a couple of weeks (or however long you choose to take), you can start to feel relieved of the burden of self-approbation and punishment and embrace your abilities, talents and self-worth. Register today and you can start as soon as it suits you!



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