Building a new team

We have put together a strong, motivated and highly skilled team of five core members who have been working tirelessly every day to build on the existing Radical Forgiveness brand and transition it into something with a more modern look and feel that is coherent with current and future times, while maintaining Colin’s voice in the incredible work.

Our Intellectual Property

The website as we know it is out of date from a software perspective and kept crashing when newer software was integrated at the backend. As a result, we are in the process of moving all our intellectual property over to WordPress and Memberium from aMember. This is an enormous and challenging task which requires us processing each document manually from one place to the other and it’s important that we get it right the first time. With so many amazing programmes needing to be imported in a precise and organised manner, it has taking time to migrate the multitude of documents and the prolific writings of Colin Tipping.

The Programmes, courses and tools

Colin’s work is so insightful, memorable, and educational. He has given so much of his knowledge and expertise putting together incredible programmes, courses and tools for our customers to work through, whether it be for personal growth and development, living Radical Forgiveness or our special and popular coaching and facilitator certifications. We are in the process of proofreading all the content pieces to ensure that it is up to scratch and still relevant in today’s times. We are in no way changing the work but rather vetting it and developing it to be more relevant and educational, for you our customers going forward.

Brand Look & Feel 

We engaged and contracted an Australian company six months ago to provide us with systems backup and support for the content transfers. Our mailing system is called Infusionsoft, and we are updating all our data and your details to ensure you are kept in the loop when it comes to all things Radical Forgiveness. In time, we will be working hard on our re-branding and social media approach.

Social Media and Website

We are developing a new and improved social media strategy and making sure Radical Forgiveness is present and relevant on social media platforms where you will be able to see and interact with us all as well.

We are also creating a more streamlined and user-friendly website for our community. This website, however, needs to be able to facilitate all of our programmes, products, sales and communication channels. The good news is that many of the pieces of this somewhat complex puzzle, are now coming together in a coordinated and harmonious way. Yay!

Having already shared with you the exciting news about the soft launch for the IIRFL Africa Affiliate, on the 30th September, Colin Tipping’s Birthday. We will in time share with you more about our plans for this Radical Forgiveness work on the African continent.

Each year the Africa Affiliate will celebrate its launch day on Colin’s Birthday. As a team, we are extremely excited about this incredible development and the opportunities that will now be created on that continent.

We trust the above sharing brings with it greater understanding and clarity as to what has been happening behind the scenes in preparation for the various launches of different aspects of the IIRFL. We are also ensuring that we handle our communication with care as we know how important the work of Radical Forgiveness is to you all. It is our wish to continue providing you with the best quality content and communication to build on this Radical Forgiveness legacy. At the same time, we will be expanding on our Global organisation which is represented by high quality content and values with deep commitment to raising the level of consciousness, through the expansion of the work of the International Institute for Radical Forgiveness & Leadership (IIRFL).

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