Free Radical Forgiveness Tools

Why are we giving away these free tools? 

1. We truly want to share our profound Radical Forgiveness methods and programs with as many people as possible — and if that means giving some away for free, we’re happy to do it!

2. We’ve made a habit of giving stuff away since we began in 1997, and we’ve seen that once people get a taste of how Radical Forgiveness can help bring peace and happiness into their lives, they often come back for more.

3. The tools are critically important to really getting the full impact of Radical Forgiveness. They’re where you get the experience and the energy shift that brings you to deeper levels of peace, love and acceptance within yourself.

So help yourself! We’re so glad you’re here!


Real, true, forgiveness is the cornerstone for a loving heart and a peaceful life. As long as you hold resentment and anger about things that happened in the past or that continue to upset you now, you won’t find peace. Try this easy worksheet to understand what is locking your hurtful feelings in place, and then begin to transform them to find the love that waits for you underneath.

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Are you hard on yourself? Spend time berating yourself or punishing yourself for not getting life just right? Give yourself a break and try this free worksheet. Get underneath the anger and hurt you burden yourself with. Self-Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance are probably the greatest gifts you can give yourself as it opens the doorway to all of the love in your heart.


Do you want to to make a difference on the planet and contribute to it’s healing? Having a hard time comprehending the divine perfection in the horrible news events that bombard us almost every day? The Radical Transformation worksheet helps you regain your power in the face of the world’s events and radiate an alignment with the divine order of the universe.


Our Radical Manifestation worksheet puts the Law of Attraction into action to help you manifest what you want in your life. With the principles of Radical Forgiveness as its foundation it helps you prime the pump and clean the engine of your power to manifest. Have what you want in life. You deserve it!


This shortened version of the first chapter of the book, Radical Forgiveness, gives you a glimpse into how the wisdom of Radical Forgiveness can change your life. It’s the story of Colin’s sister Jill, and how Radical Forgiveness brought her marriage back from the brink. She was able to heal what was fueling her breakdown.


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