In the realms of personal development, wellness, and emotional healing, forgiveness holds a significant spot. Yet, traditional approaches often leave us feeling unresolved and incomplete. Enter Radical Forgiveness, a groundbreaking method developed by Colin Tipping, that transforms how we understand and practice forgiveness. So, how did Colin develop Radical Forgiveness, and what inspired his journey?

Join us as to discover more as we explore the origins of Radical Forgiveness, delve into the life and motivations of its founder, Colin Tipping, reveal more about where Radical Forgiveness is now, and uncover the profound philosophy that makes this approach so transformative.

The Genesis of Radical Forgiveness

The story of Radical Forgiveness begins with Colin Tipping, a British-born author, educator, and healer. Colin’s path to forgiveness was anything but direct. After teaching at universities in the UK and the US, he ventured into hypnotherapy. In 1992, Colin and his wife, JoAnn, began hosting healing retreats in the north Georgia mountains for people with cancer. Believing that a lack of forgiveness contributed to illness, Colin experienced a profound spiritual awakening that led him to question conventional forgiveness wisdom.

The Epiphany: Discovering Radical Forgiveness

Colin’s epiphany came when he realized that traditional forgiveness often left people feeling like victims, trapped in their pain. While letting go of anger and resentment is crucial, it doesn’t always address deeper wounds or feelings of betrayal and injustice. Colin saw the need for a more holistic approach that could transform pain into joy, peace and empowerment.

Radical Forgiveness was born from this insight. Unlike traditional forgiveness, it goes beyond letting go. It involves recognizing that every experience, no matter how painful, serves a higher purpose. This perspective shift helps us move from victimhood to understanding and acceptance. Ultimately it empowers one to release the bounds of subconscious or lasting painful emotions, to land in a place of greater happiness.

The Philosophy of Radical Forgiveness

At its core, Radical Forgiveness believes that there are no accidents and that every event in our lives is part of a divine plan. That things don’t happen to us, but for us. This philosophy is rooted in the idea that our souls are on a journey of growth and evolution, and challenges are opportunities for learning and transformation.

Key principles include:

Seeing the Perfection:

Recognizing that everything that happens serves our highest good, even if it doesn’t seem so at first.

Shifting Perspective:

Moving from victimhood to empowerment by seeing the hidden gifts in our experiences.

Releasing Judgment:

Letting go of judgment towards ourselves and others, understanding that everyone plays a part in our soul’s journey.

Embracing Gratitude:

Viewing all experiences as opportunities for growth and healing.

The Process of Radical Forgiveness

Colin developed a structured process to help individuals practice Radical Forgiveness, facilitating deep healing and transformation. Here’s an overview:

Telling the Story:

Sharing the painful event in a safe, supportive environment to begin healing.

Feeling the Feelings:

Fully experiencing and expressing emotions rather than suppressing them.

Collapsing the Story:

Recognizing that our interpretation of the event is just a story, which helps us detach from it.

Reframing the Story:

Seeing the event from a higher perspective and recognizing the growth it brought.

Integrating the New Story:

Embracing this new perspective to move forward with peace and empowerment.


Colin Tipping’s Mission and Vision

Colin’s mission with Radical Forgiveness was to help people achieve deep, lasting healing by transforming their pain or trauma into joy, freedom and happiness—through self- empowerment. He envisioned a world where people let go of past hurts, to embrace a higher perspective, that would lead to more harmonious and fulfilling lives.

Colin believed that Radical Forgiveness could profoundly impact society by fostering a culture of forgiveness and understanding, while contributing to global peace and reconciliation. He taught that healing individual wounds contributes to the collective healing of humanity.

The Impact of Radical Forgiveness

Since its inception, Radical Forgiveness has touched thousands of lives worldwide. Colin’s books, workshops, retreats, online self-development courses and coaching programs have equipped a global community with the tools and skills to transform their pain and embrace a higher perspective.

One reason for its widespread impact is its accessibility. Colin developed tools like the Radical Forgiveness Worksheet and the Radical Forgiveness 13 Steps Process, making the practice easy to follow and implement. These tools have been instrumental in helping people navigate their healing journeys and achieve lasting transformation. His philosophy was to make these available around the globe.

Case Studies: Transformation through Radical Forgiveness

As we navigate the complexities of human relationships and experiences, Radical Forgiveness principles offer hope and a path to profound transformation. Colin Tipping’s work reminds us that every challenge is an opportunity for growth and healing and that true forgiveness lies in recognizing the divine perfection of our life’s journey.

If you’re wondering about how Radical Forgiveness has acted as a catalyst for transformation in others and how it could help you, here are some brief examples:

Sarah’s Journey: A survivor of childhood abuse, Sarah struggled with anger and resentment. Radical Forgiveness helped her see her experiences from a higher perspective, allowing her to release anger and embrace peace.

John’s Story: After a painful divorce, John was stuck in bitterness. By practicing Radical Forgiveness, he saw the hidden gifts in his experience and forgave his ex-wife, moving forward with his life.

Linda’s Transformation: Losing her job unexpectedly left Linda feeling like a failure. Radical Forgiveness helped her reframe the experience, viewing it as an opportunity for growth and new beginnings, and she embraced her next career move with confidence.

Radical Forgiveness in Practice

Radical Forgiveness can be practiced in various ways, tailored to individual preferences and needs:


Writing about experiences and emotions can help process and release them. The Radical Forgiveness Worksheet is the most renowned tool that Colin created to provide structure and guidance, and the 21 Days for Forgiving self-development course is based on interactive journalling exercises that will challenge your preconceived beliefs, to aid you in restoring your happiness.


Meditating on Radical Forgiveness principles can help internalize and embody them. Guided meditations and visualizations can be particularly effective and many of the self-development and coaching courses include recorded mediational guidance by Colin himself.

Online self-development courses:

Our online self- development courses, devised by Colin and including videos, audios and guided lessons by him, can help you in any number of painful circumstances—even if you didn’t realize that these were related to forgiveness. They can help you to restore your self-confidence, rebuild relationships with family, friends or colleagues, support you in healing from loss, assist you to understand your preconceived or ingrained negative beliefs, and even manifest the life that you want­—whether more money, a different job or a new home!


Whether you are already a coach or wish to join our community of hundreds of coaches around the world, Colin Tipping created Coaching Programs that enable you to share the methods and concepts, such as the 13 Step Process, with clients as part of a coaching practice, wherever you are based. And the coaches themselves are an integral part of our Radical Forgiveness community.

Support Groups:

Joining a Radical Forgiveness support group offers community and shared experience, providing a safe space to share stories and support each other. Follow us on social media and join one of our chat groups.

Workshops and Retreats:

Attending Radical Forgiveness workshops and retreats offers intensive, immersive experiences for deep healing and transformation. We will be relaunching these soon and our global community of coaches offer in-person experiences. Exciting news coming soon!

Colin Tipping’s Legacy

Colin Tipping passed away in 2019, but his legacy lives on through those touched by his work. His books, including “Radical Forgiveness: Making Room for the Miracle,” continue to inspire and guide healing journeys. The Radical Forgiveness Institute, founded by Colin, remains dedicated to spreading his teachings and supporting individuals in practicing Radical Forgiveness. Seasoned coach, Godfrey O’Flaherty is now the CEO and Global Custodian of the International Institute for Radical Forgiveness and Leadership (IIRFL), after being chosen by Colin himself. He is passionate about Radical Forgiveness and is instrumental in continuing Colin Tipping’s legacy. Godfrey’s leadership in the organization helps spread the principles of Radical Forgiveness through various programs and initiatives globally​.

Colin’s work has influenced psychology, counseling, and spiritual coaching, with many professionals incorporating Radical Forgiveness principles into their practices, recognizing its profound impact on clients’ healing and transformation.  Godfrey O’Flaherty, through the IIRFL, continues to share, improve and develop the work started by Colin.


Radical Forgiveness is more than just a technique; it’s a profound transformative philosophy that offers a new, powerful and effective way to understand and experience forgiveness. Whether rebuilding relationships, overcoming childhood trauma, restoring self-confidence, healing after loss or discovering more about yourself, Colin Tipping’s visionary work provides the tools and insights needed to heal wounds and embrace a higher perspective on life experiences that we all share as part of the human condition.

By shifting from victimhood to empowerment, Radical Forgiveness helps release pain and embrace peace and gratitude. Colin’s legacy continues to inspire and guide people worldwide, fostering a culture of forgiveness and understanding that contributes to personal and collective healing.