Who The Bleep Am I? And Where The Bleep Am I Going?

It is very difficult to navigate through life if you don’t really know who you are, where you are going, and how you’re going to get there. It is also necessary to know where to get the provisions, tools, and navigational aids for your journey of awakening so you are sustained properly and well guided.

Almost all of the exercises that follow in this program are designed to enable you to discover and awaken fully to who you really are. However, as you progress through the course, it is likely that you will develop a desire to go further and take other courses that would be beneficial.

We shall offer some pointers, without any obligation whatsoever, of course, as to what you might do next to continue raising your vibration. And, suggest what other programs of ours might be most beneficial for you. Where you might need more work, based on the data you enter as you go through this program will show up in the final report. So, you will have a lot of information to go on.
The captain of a ship sailing the oceans of the world needs to know his ship well if he is to steer it away from rocks, survive storms, wind, high seas, and arrive at his intended destination. He also needs to know where to get the provisions, tools, and navigational aids so he and the crew are properly sustained and expertly guided.

You are the captain of your own ship sailing the high seas of life with all its uncertainties, risks, hidden rocks, and ever-changing waters. You need to know as much about yourself as possible in order to get the most value from this often tempestuous voyage we call life. You will, also, require many resources and skills to make it through.

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